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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WBRE/WYOU-TV) With Easter and the start of Passover occurring just days apart the Museum of the bible has piqued the interest of many leading up to the holiday  Our Eyewitness News Washington Correspondent Morgan Wright uncovers some of the ties between the Bible and America’s history…
  “The station of the Cross” exhibit tells the story of Easter through world-renowned sculptor Gib Singleton’s work… 
 “It tells the Easter story from the time he stands before Pilate as he carries the cross  from the time that he’s crucified into his ascension”
But as Norm Connrad the Education and Presentation Manager for the Museum of the Bible says the book’s significance and impact on society stretch well beyond the story of Easter…
 : “You can come here and have an opportunity to experience and engage in the Bible in a way I don’t’ think people would expect” 
The museum examines how the Bible helped inspire the country’s ideas about democracy… including the abolition of slavery…
 Norm Conrad, is the Education and Presentation Manager, Museum of the Bible he tells us  “One of the darkest tarnishing stains in America history is that part of our past and we address that about how the bible was used for slavery and how the bible was used for the abolitionist movement”…
The museum examines how throughout history Americans used the bible to push various agendas.

Like the slave bible – which had the Book of Exodus removed
  “So that the slave would not be able to have that hope so that God could deliver them from freedom or from the bondage,” said Conrad.
  Throughout American history, the Bible, like the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, has been a significant symbol of America’s founding. The Museum of the Bible presents the important contributions that people have made based on using the book as a tool to promote Americas’ future and hope.
 “We’re not apostatizing we’re not evangelizing… we’re giving you the facts we’re giving you the history,’ added Conrad,
Conrad says as a country he’s not sure how the museum will impact our current divisive climate…  but the museum wants everyone to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly history of the bible.

The Museum of the Bible LINK: Click Here

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