BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Two college students put their EMT training to good use by helping to treat one of their fellow students in a medical emergency.

“I got an alert on my phone that there was a student in the building next door who was having a seizure,” said Alex Pasculle, sophomore nursing student, Bloomsburg University,

That’s when Bloomsburg graduate student Alex Pasculle sprang into action. The student was in class with other students who tried to help.

“I was able to help hold the kid’s airway open just using a simple jaw thurst, nothing special. And kind of get him out of the immediate area of danger he was in,” said Alex Pasculle.

Erik Josephson, a sophomore nursing student, was working with the Bloomsburg Volunteer Association Ambulance when the alert came through.

“I was on the truck when I saw the call come out. I knew that I was able to direct us to the building and get us to help the person even more,” said Erik Josephson, sophomore nursing student, Bloomsburg University

Both Pasculle and Josephson have been EMTs for some time but say it’s rewarding to lend a hand to one of their peers.

“Especially being a Bloomsburg student it definitely hits hard because it’s one of my fellow students and it makes me feel really good that I’m able to help him,” said Erik Josephson.

“All of the help that I was getting from the police officers here, the professor, the fellow students so it was really amazing. It was definitely a team effort,” said Pasculle.

The student recovered. When university officials heard about their efforts they presented the duo with the Huskies Hero Award. Pasculle says you don’t need medical training to be a good samaritan.

If you don’t want to become CPR certified or get first aid training, at least just do what you can and never walk past an emergency,” Pasculle said.