SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The September 9 storm that caused significant flooding in several local counties is still impacting Scranton residents.

It’s so widespread, that the city is extending its emergency declaration to October 20.

It’s been more than a month since the devastating storm, and the city of Scranton is still discovering infrastructure problems from the storm residents in Scranton are still in need of help physically for their homes and financially to recover from the flood damages.

As PEMA continues to assess the damages from last month’s storm to decide on what kind of financial assistance they can offer, Scranton city officials are prolonging the emergency declaration to allocate more resources for clean-up and repair.

Along with the extended declaration, Mayor Cognetti issued a letter to taxing authorities to discuss taxing relief for those impacted by the storm, saying quote:

Collaborate on how we may alleviate some of their burden during this challenging time.

Mayor Cognetti

“It’s small ways but they’re very impactful that we can help residents that were impacted,” said Eileen Cipriani the Deputy Mayor of Scranton.

Some of the streets in West Scranton were affected heavily by the storm.

A lot of the houses here on Merrifield Avenue have been condemned, but one resident who lived in his house for over 30 years, he was not going to let that happen.

Michael Cammerota is just one of the residents whose home and garage suffered the flash flooding.

“I had to rewire the whole first floor and the basement, total rewire up tp code ’cause we’re classified as condemned,” says Cammerota.

Cammerota says his yard was filled with eight feet of water, and his garage was filled with about six feet of flooding water.

“On top of my cars, my vintage Harley motorcycle, my quad, practically everything we own,” added Cammerota

He tells 28/22 News that he’s gone to all the flood relief events in the area.

“We’re just trying to survive, it seems like we’ve forgotten we should be exempt from taxes, of course, we already paid ours but they can give me a rebate!” continued Cammerota.

Michael Commerota has been able to start repairing his house with the help of friends Eileen Cipriani also told 28/22 News that the city is planning to have a relief next week, we will keep you updated when more information is released.