FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— An animal shelter in Luzerne County welcomed a new stray to its pack this holiday weekend, but this pooch was nothing like they have ever seen before.

The dog was nothing but skin and bones when she was found.

The stray was taken in by Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge in Franklin Township.

I had the chance to meet the newest, soon-to-be, adoptable dog in Luzerne County Sunday and everyone at Blue Chip would agree she might have little left to her physically, but her big personality has not faded.

Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge is used to welcoming strays, but none like the one a woman found early Sunday morning.

“So she brought it in and I was in shock when I saw the dog for the first time,” says Marge Bart founder and president of Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge.

The dog Blue Chip named, “Kindred” was found extremely emaciated in Lake Township at Noxen Road and Route 29.

“We get dogs unfortunately quite a bit that look like this, never as bad as this one though. I honestly in the 25 years I’ve been in this business I’ve never seen a dog that looked like her,” says Bart.

Although Kindred is thin as a rail, her personality is as big as a house.

“But she is so sweet. and she gives you that look in her eyes like she’s just willing to love you,” added Bart.

Making staff at Blue Chip wonder how this dog ended up like this.

“You know a lot of people were saying well maybe she was lost. Well maybe that’s true, but you know when I lose a dog or most people lose a dog they right away get on social media and say, look. We’re missing this dog. And we look at that every day and we’ve never seen this dog,” explained Bart.

Kindred is not the first stray dog brought in by Blue Chip and will certainly not be the last. The shelter brings in a stray nearly every day, hoping to find them the loving home that they deserve.

“I will not turn down a stray. It’s just not fair because the dogs are out there wandering, number one for the safety of the dogs, number two for the safety of people,” continued Bart.

This has been the biggest year for strays that Blue Chip says it’s experienced, standing as an important reminder to only welcome pets into your home if you’re ready to treat them like family.

“People get a dog and they don’t think much of throwing it out or they don’t think much of abusing it, some people, and I’m saying that’s a very small amount but unfortunately, that small amount is, you know, detrimental,” says Bart.

Those who have information about Kindred’s owner or where she came from are asked to contact Blue Chip Farm.

If you are interested in Kkindred or learning about the other lovable pets Blue Chip has up for adoption check out their website.