WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — In the age of technology, many of us have piles of unused and unwanted equipment lying around.

In an effort to give residents an environmentally friendly way to dispose of their junk, the City of Wilkes Barre teamed up with Responsible Recycling Services (RRS).

Cars lined up early Thursday morning in Wilkes Barre for a convenient way to get rid of any extra tech junk that may be collecting dust in their house.

“Because they have nowhere else to go with it. There is just nowhere to go. So to do the right thing, these are important,” said Wendy Gordon Rooney, Manager at RRS.

Without companies like RRS, microwaves, appliances, and a wide variety of metal items can wind up in landfills instead of being properly recycled.

“RRS has been in business for ten years this year. We just met up with the City of Wilkes-Barre last year was our first year,” Gordon Rooney explained.

On their second day of dropoffs this week, lawnmowers, car batteries, and a lot of TVs were dropped off.

“We also accept anything that plugs in. Computers, printers, microwaves, cables and cords, cell phones,” Gordon Rooney explained.

Many of the larger items will go to bigger recycling plants and the items repurposed to take on a new life.

“There are a few select items that we do tear down in-house. That would be like computers and routers and some networking equipment. We will actually tear that down and separate the pieces and then we send the pieces directly to the smelter,” Gordon Rooney continued.

While this week has been busy, Wendy says that there has been a notable dip in dropoffs this year.

“I honestly think it’s directly linked to the current economy. I think that people are just holding onto their TVs. Because they can keep them in their basement or their shed until next year when hopefully things are going a little better,” Gordon Rooney noted.

If you missed out this season, they plan to hold another event in the spring.