DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The Eagle’s loss is still a victory of sorts for two Lackawanna County businesses.

While they won’t be printing Championship t-shirts Sunday night, they’re still celebrating the opportunity.

It’s not the outcome employees at Talk Shirty To Me were hoping for, but they are celebrating the major accomplishment of being chosen by the NFL.

“Go Birds!” said Scott Tinkelman, President of Kevin’s Worldwide.

“We’re all excited, we’re revved up,” said Ron Augelli, Owner of Talk Shirty To Me.

Two Lackawanna County businesses. The same excitement for the Philadelphia Eagles.

As employees gathered at Talk Shirty To Me in Dickson City during the big game, they were prepared to screen print the NFL Official Championship shirts, but with a big ‘if’.

The Eagles needed to win.

“This is the Super Bowl so there’s nothing really bigger than that and it’s a great honor just to be a part of this. It gives my employees the credibility to know like hey look what we’re doing, where we’re going, where we’re heading, so we’re winning either way,” said Augelli.

It’s the first time the NFL contracted with this shop to print the Official Championship shirts.

Pressers were prepped to crank out more than 10,000 shirts in just 12 hours.

“When we got this opportunity and we came to the employees and asked hey, like who’s in, everybody was super excited, all in. We’ve been looking forward to this for the last 2 weeks after they clinched the division win and here we are,” said Kathleen Gaul, General Manager of Talk Shirty To Me.

Over at Kevin’s Worldwide, it was the same waiting game, but this big game isn’t their first.

The Capouse Avenue business previously printed NFL Championship shirts, including when the Eagles won it all in 2018.

“It’s the Super Bowl. We got 100 million people all over the world watching and so it’s just that commonality. Most of them are sports fans and certainly even if you’re not a sports fan it’s just exciting,” said Tinkelman.

The employees had to pack everything up and send the shirts back, but they are thankful for the opportunity.