SAYLORSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The summertime normally kicks off the season for sweet corn, according to one local farm in the Poconos the weather has been impacting the crop.

The on and off rain we’ve got today is just what farmers like the Klingels want to see and need they’ve been dealing with recent dry weather.

The sweet corn right here is a staple and a favorite in the area and the owner of the farm tells me they are behind schedule.

Acres of sweet corn fill the fields of Klingel’s Farm in Saylorsburg – a crop that’s a hot product this time of year.

“Love sweet corn and the sweet corn at the maze here is I don’t put any butter on it or salt, it’s that good,” said Bill Amadore.

“I love corn. I freeze it, I can it myself, it’s good. I actually just made some corn cob jelly,” stated Laraine Brands, a worker at Klingel’s Farm.

I took a taste test myself straight from the corn stalk (nat of me saying wow) with a stamp of approval.

Growing corn is a difficult task with cooler spring months and recent dry weather in n-e-p-a, the farm had to use irrigation .- which uses a tube that sprays water onto the soil.

“Sweet corn does not like to be stressed out, it will not produce when it gets stressed out,” said, Stuart Klingel, owner of Klingel’s Farm.

In addition to a lack of rain – farmers say they’re also dealing with higher prices of supplies.

“Everything’s going up a little bit with the fertilizer price and fuel price and everything else. We had to raise everything up a little bit, but we try to keep everything reasonable,” explained Pysher.

Despite the obstacles – the family-owned farm says it’s rolling with the times and are thankful for its loyal customers.

“It’s survival over the small farms anymore. You got to be diverse, you got to have a niche, and one of our few niches is you know, fresh sweet corn,” stated Stuart Klingel, owner of Klingel’s Farm.

Klingel’s sweet corn is up for sale here at the farm and will be available through September – just in time for fall and its legendary corn Mazezilla opening.