EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU)— If you drive on the Pennsylvania turnpike get ready to pay even more.

This weekend tolls will increase once again, for the 15th straight year the Pennsylvania turnpike commission approved a five percent toll increase beginning Sunday.

That increase will boost the average toll for a passenger vehicle by about ten cents.

Once the increase is applied, the rates for vehicles will be rounded up to the nearest dime. Some drivers Eyewitness News spoke to weren’t happy about the hike in price.

“What’s the increase and what’s the money you know going toward and all that stuff? Because the roads in Pennsylvania are notoriously in poor condition when you travel to other states,” Tracey Neill of Bucks County.

“There’s some people who don’t have a choice. They live where they live, they work where they work, and they have to use the turnpike and with everything rising right now, the prices rising to begin with, the last thing people need is to spend more just trying to get from their home to their job,” explained Heidi Maugle of Bucks County.

For example, before the price increase drivers with an E-ZPass in Wilkes-barre headed to Philadelphia on the turnpike would pay $10.40, but starting Sunday that total will go up to $11.00.

The commission states in part: “the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) has been forced to increase tolls annually through the foreseeable future to meet its financial obligations…”

Continuing, despite the annual increases “our per-mile toll rate continues to be below the midline compared with rates of other u.s. tolling agencies.”

That per-mile cost – comes out to 13.8 cents.

“I do about 3,000 miles a month and I am fortunate that it is a company car. If it were my car, if I had to shell that out, then I would be looking for another job,” Maugle added.

The commission also notes drivers without an E-ZPass pay nearly 60% more and urges drivers to sign-up for one.