ROHNERT PARK, CA – A suspect who is apparently a dog lover stole a car in California but returned the dog that was in the back seat.

Riley is happy to be back home with her family after she went on one of the most wild rides of her life Friday.

The cute yellow lab’s owner made a stop at a Goodwill leaving the windows open and leaving Riley and the keys in the car.

When he came back his car and his dog were gone!

But when Riley’s owner arrived back home, Riley was waiting in the backyard for him.

He says his initial panic of losing Riley was terrible but he has no bad feelings towards the car thief.

“It was unbelievable, white out, stress, fear, it just…nausea it was like I was poisoned literally poisoned that’s how I felt,” Riley’s Owner Gregg Holland said.

Police believe the thief used the car’s registration to find Riley’s home. Officers then caught up with the suspect in a nearby neighborhoods. 

The suspect crashed the car and was arrested and booked on suspicion of felony evasion, resisting arrest and vehicle arrest theft.