JIM THORPE, CARBON COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The Jim Thorpe area may soon see the return of a Ferris wheel to their area atop flagstaff park.

While it’s still in the very early stages and has to go through several approval processes. There’s no denying that people are eagerly anticipating a possible new addition to the skyline.

“I think it’s exciting. I think that flagstaff in the past really offered a lot to the Jim Thorpe area as well as the surrounding community and to be able to bring back some of that luster. It’s a beautiful location, so for it to sit there unused seems to be kind of a waste,” explained Tami Davenport, owner of Wear it Again Boutique.

This would be a different wheel than the one that resided at Flagstaff in the early 1900s.

“I mean can you just imagine being on top of that Ferris wheel in fall and seeing all the bright colors and the leaves. And I think that it would just be a beautiful wonderful addition to the town,” said Beth Beers, owner of Everything Nice Gift Shop.

The benefits would spread to more than Jim Thorpe.

“I think it wouldn’t only help Jim Thorpe I think it would help Lehighton and Coaldale and some of our surrounding areas that are up and coming. So yes it would definitely enhance all of the Carbon County,” explained Davenport.

They did express concern over some current and future problems it may create.

“There’s a lot of issues for safety. The roads, guardrails, parking, transport of the people in and out of Jim Thorpe,” stated Therese Mikulka.

But overall, they see the possibility of a Ferris wheel as a big win for the region.

“Capitalize on growing and making your local economy boom because that’s what it’s all about,” said Beers.

The Jim Thorpe borough council will meet at 6:30 Thursday to discuss a zoning ordinance amendment that would make it legal to install a Ferris wheel.