EDWARDSVILLE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local organization continues its long tradition of helping feed kids into our community. The nonprofit Dinners for Kids has been serving up healthy meals for many years.

A balanced and healthy meal is one of the keys to having a productive day but for kids, it’s more than that. It’s also a way to stay focused and awake in class. Dinners for Kids is a local organization that understands that.

On Wednesday afternoon, Luzerne County awarded Dinners for Kids $200,000 to help them continue feeding kids in the county. The funding comes from The American Rescue Plan.

“It’s just, um, tremendous. These people are volunteers who come here to pack the meals, they have volunteers who drive and deliver the meals. This is, um, these are great people these are heroes in this building,” said Luzerne County Manager Romilda Crocamo.

Volunteers get together at Ollie’s restaurant in Edwardsville to pack two dinners for kids in need three days a week. Along with the two meals they also include fruit. On average 1,500 meals are packed a week.

“There’s no one universal solution for hunger. I think there are many, many. Everybody has a different niche and our niche is to kids who don’t get decent dinners at home,” said Dinners for Kids Executive Director and Founder David Tevet.

Organizers for Dinners for Kids want to ensure that the children benefiting receive healthy balanced meals in microwave-safe containers.

“Our goal is really to feed as many kids that are food insecure as humanly possible, and our base is Luzern County,” said Dinners for Kids Board Chairmen Bob Borwick.

“It’s pretty emotional, to be honest, with um I, I sometimes am amazed of all the wonderful and positive organizations and things that are going on in Luzern County,” said Crocamo.

Information on how to get help or donate can be found online.