DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) July is World Watercolor month and the annual celebration aims to get people to express their creative side.

“Get the creative juices flowing. Learn something new,” art teacher Heidi Van Leuven said.

That’s the theme of World Watercolor Month, and a message that Heidi Van Leuven will take into her class this Friday night.

Watercolor, Van Leuven says, “has a certain illuminated quality to them that a lot of other mediums can’t replicate.”
A few dabs here and some blotting over there and paintings start coming together.   

The activity can also be a stress reliever because Van Leuven says a million dollar masterpiece doesn’t have to be your ultimate goal.

“Its definitely something to pursue because everyone needs a creative outlet,” Van Leuven said.

“Spirited Art” will give people that outlet Friday night in Dickson City. 

Van Leuven will host a watercolor class in celebration of World Watercolor month. Trying to prove, that art is for everyone.

“You just have to have fun, express yourself, make something that makes you feel good and that you like. That’s what art is about,” Van Leuven said.