EATON TOWNSHIP, WYOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- Disturbing details of the attack at a Weis Market in Eaton Township have unfolded through the shooter’s social media accounts.

24-year-old Randy Stair opened fire in the store around 1:00 this morning, killing three co-workers, 25-year-old Victoria Brong, 47-year-old Brian Hayes, and 63-year-old Terry Sterling. He then took his own life. 

He took to his Twitter page, @EGSWorld to post numerous audio files, letters, and YouTube videos that describe what he was planning to do at the supermarket.

On June 1st, he posted, “I’m gonna need your guys’ help next Wednesday night. I’ll have more info on this soon, I need someone to record a brief live stream of me.”

He continues to refer to a “Westborough High Massacre,” and says ,”Ready to die? ‘The Westborough High Massacre,” coming June 7th, 2017.” This was posted on June 2nd.

Wednesday night, prior to the shooting he posted a video on YouTube which showed him loading shotguns before stuffing them into a duffel bag. In one portion of the video he says, “I’ve been stepped on my whole life; not anymore. I’ve had enough of this putrid planet and I’m gonna leave my mark.”

He also shared what appears to be a suicide note written on June 5th. In it, he writes that he has never felt so close to returning back to his spiritual body, “the girl in me is clawing to get out… I can almost feel Mackenzie holding me in her arms.”

Eyewitness News continues to follow this investigation and will have updates as they become available.