Danville Area School District On Strike: Day Two

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Danville, Montour County – The Danville Area School District is on strike.  Negotiations between the Teachers Union and School Board ended after nearly 4 hours in Montour County.  Teachers in the Danville Area School District will be on strike Thursday.

The district’s nearly 200 teachers have been without a contract for almost two years.  The most prominent issues up for negotiation includes salary, healthcare, and  tuition reimbursement.  Over the last 2 years a state fact finder, or arbitrator’s report was issued and the education association voted to approve it, the board however, rejected it.

School Board President Allan Schappert says “it’s disappointing.  Eventually a contract will be reached.  Unfortunately it just won’t be this evening.  All contracts will eventually be settled.  We hope it will be sooner than later.”  PSEA Labor Representative Mark McDade says “no one likes a strike, especially teachers, they are engaged in
their classrooms and educating their students, but the board is more interested in playing politics than coming to an agreement at the bargaining table.”

The two sides will now go into non-binding arbitration.  The school year will be pushed back day for day.  Teachers are estimated to strike for up to 5 school days or until they are ordered back to work by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The district’s spring break is Friday and Monday, so if the strike continues day 2 will be on Tuesday.  At this time there are no plans for future negotiations.

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