DANVILLE, MONTOUR COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Danville Area School District announced all 635 Danville High School students are fully virtual after two students tested positive for COVID-19. 

All high school students were in virtual learning Tuesday and will continue in a hybrid model until at least September 18 when the district says they’ll have a better idea about the safest way to proceed.

Despite the sudden change, district superintendent Dr. Ricky Boyle says the transition has been smooth for the faculty.

“100 percent, to get them up and ready to do virtual teaching if the case should arise. So here we are, and the majority of my teachers are in great shape.”

But the number of students impacted is growing. Tuesday afternoon, the district announced they sent home a kindergarten class following a positive case in their classroom, the first such case outside the high school.

“It’s a very fluid situation, we have to be flexible. And we’re working to minimize the distress that parents will have from having their students home,” Boyle said.

Jennifer Purnell is one of those parents now forced to balance work and childcare. A single mother of a Danville kindergartner, Purnell says not knowing the level of support she’ll receive from work if forced to stay home is a big concern.

“It throws a whole other wrench. You don’t know. With me, I’m not exactly sure if there’s any rules or not covering a job of a parent that has to take off work because they have to watch their child.”

With only at-risk grandparents able to assist her, Purnell believes it’s critical that employers open a dialogue with their employees to create a safety net when things don’t go according to plan.  

“No matter what your job will still be here. That, if your child ends up with an issue due to school reasons because of COVID that hopefully they will understand that it’s out of your control.”

The school district has yet to provide any additional information about the most recent positive case in the kindergarten, but Purnell says her son will likely have to quarantine at home for the next two-weeks as a result.