EAST STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The sun is shining and people in the Poconos are looking for a way to escape the heat.

With beautiful weather in the Poconos and many families came to the Dansbury pool for its opening day. I spoke to pool officials about why they’re expecting a busier weekend than normal.

A line of people enters the Dansbury swimming pool at 11:00 a.m. on the dot.

“Oh, the pool’s opening we’ve been waiting for this, my grandchildren and I,” said Glenn Miller.

Attendees get their bracelets and make a splash.

“I’m excited because of the water slides,” said Austin Fish.

Dansbury is celebrating its opening day Friday. Meanwhile, another pool nearby isn’t ready yet for the season.

“The Stroudsburg pool, we’re working on getting it ready. It had a few maintenance issues with the pump, so we’re hoping to have an update from the repair shop on Monday to be able to get that Stroudsburg pool open,” explained Autumn Hawthorne, executive director of Stroud Region Open Space/Rec. Commission.

Despite a nationwide shortage of lifeguards, Hawthorne says both pools are fully staffed – but the Dansbury pool could hit capacity with guests due to the other pool being closed and local school districts out for summer.

“Our season passes are dual season passes for both the Stroudsburg pool and the Dansbury pool. So probably some of the people who would usually go to the Stroudsburg would come over here until that pump is fixed,” stated Hathorne.

“It’s pretty, pretty fun. Definitely a lot of work,” said Thomas Crotty, assistant manager at Dansbury pool.

Lifeguards on duty keep a watchful eye on swimmers in the sunshine.

“Yeah, we lucked out. It doesn’t look so good for the weekend, unfortunately, so i wanted to go the first day it was open and nice weather,” said Miller.

Hawthorne says they will update the public on Monday about if and when the Stroudsburg pool will be opening.