SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— The Lackawanna County District Attorney’s office filed a motion on Tuesday to prevent Lackawanna County Commissioner Debra Domenick from accessing records regarding her own ongoing criminal investigation.

According to court documents, Lackawanna County District Attorney Mark Powell filed a request for preliminary injunctive relief against Domenick.

As County Commissioner, Domenick has access to records related to all ongoing criminal investigations, including the ongoing investigation into herself.

Powell said Domenick’s prison record was purged without authorization earlier this month and the district attorney’s office said they are investigating to determine who did it and why her record was deleted.

If approved, the preliminary injunctive relief would prevent Domenick from accessing any records regarding the ongoing investigation.

Eyewitness News received a report in early July that a private investigator was hired to look into how Domenick came into possession of a key to the Lackawanna County Prison.

The private investigator’s report went on to say four people witnessed former Deputy Warden For Treatment Krista Purvis ask for a key to give to Domenick.

Purvis originally denied questioning on a polygraph, but on August 2, the District Attorney identified Purvis as a witness for the defense.

Domenick’s trial date is set for August 16.

Additionally, the District Attorney’s office filed a lawsuit against Domenick for allegedly using her position to order the county IT director to retrieve confidential emails referencing an inmate at the Lackawana County Prison. Domenick continues to deny these allegations.