EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — With inflation on the rise, so are cable bills, but there could be a solution.

Antenna TV has grown popular over the last few years, and one local man is making it his mission to help residents make the switch.

28/22 News first told you about The Antenna Man in part one of Cutting the Cord.

The Stroudsburg native, Tyler Kleinle, also known as “The Antenna Man” on YouTube, showed us the easy steps to make the switch, but now we take a deep dive into the benefits and quality of antenna TV.

“If you use an antenna you’re gonna get a very crisp, high-definition picture on a lot of the stations,” said Tyler.

When making the switch from cable to antenna TV, Tyler says many people are worried that the quality of antenna TV won’t compare to that of cable, but he wants to bust that myth, and set the record straight.

“I’ve had people who couldn’t believe how crisp and clear the picture was because they were used to watching on cable and satellite,” Tyler explained.

Tyler goes on to say that antenna compared to cable actually has the better quality, but how?

“So, what I think is a crazy fact is that the picture quality from an antenna is actually better than cable or satellite because you’re getting the direct signal from the TV station,” Tyler explained.

Quality isn’t the only good part about making the switch as your wallet will also thank you.

“It can be as cheap as $25 to $50 for an indoor antenna,” Tyler added.

However, Tyler does say if you’re in a weak signal area, you could be paying upwards of $100, but compared to a cable bill, the savings speak for themselves.

“But I found the average person can probably cut the cord between $50 to $200. I’ve had people tell me that within literally a month, the antenna paid for itself and then after that, it’s just savings,” Tyler continued.

While we are focusing on the advantages, the only disadvantage would be if the setup wasn’t ideal.

“Channels might pixelate or drop out in bad weather conditions,” Tyler said.

Tyler says people considering antenna TV should not buy one based on its range claim. Brands on Amazon claim their antennas reach 100 to 200 miles, which Tyler says is impossible.

“Most TV stations can only be picked by 60 miles,” Tyler explained.

Tyler offers some advice for those who are serious about cutting the chord.

“Don’t go too cheap on the antenna. I know Walmart has a lot of them, the best antennae tend to be made by Channel Master, Winegard, and Televis. Spend a little bit more money and you will get way better results compared to a cheap antenna,” Tyler continued.

Tyler posts content on YouTube that has become a worldwide sensation helping hundreds all across the country make the switch.

“I’d rather help the whole country cut the chord as opposed to just a select area in Pennsylvania,” Tyler said.