(WBRE/WYOU-TV) The liquor enforcement officers with the Pennsylvania state police say they’ve seen an increase in the number of underage drinking citations over the last two years.

     Police and school leaders alike are hoping to get the word out that drug and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated.  Eyewitness News Reporter Crystal Cranmore has the story.

Its move-in day for hundreds of students at Bloomsburg University…

            For the freshman, this is unchartered territory

            While college is about trying new things…A warning from university leaders.

“It’s very important for us at the start of the school year to educate our students on the dangers of drinking,” said Dione Somerville, VP of Student Affairs

            Officials say it’s a concern for all students, but especially new ones who may choose to experiment.

            But there are other reasons.


“Some of it is an addiction, some of it is long term patterns of usage” noted Sommerville.

            Bloomsburg University has been ramping its efforts in recent years to curb underage drinking      .

            The school offers a wellness program for students who have been cited or may be in need of counseling.

            One of its newest initiatives, the NCAA “Choices Alcohol Education Program” targets young athletes.

“It’s important to have an array of options to meet students where there needs are. ” said Somerville.

            The number of liquor law violations on campus has gone down from 152 in 2014 to 140 in 2016.

            State police say they also plan to increase their presence in local college towns over the next several weeks as part of its public awareness initiative.

            In another college town – Wilkes Barre- police have this warning.


“We are looking for underage drinking parties and we will take action, including arresting people who are under age. ” stressed Officer Robert Collins, Wilkes-Barre Police Department.

     Any person convicted of underage drinking, misrepresenting their age to buy alcohol or carrying a false i-d will have their driving privileges suspended for 90 days for the first offense