SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Crunch Fitness in Scranton is the first of six gyms to launch its new “boxing rigs.”

Crunch Fitness announced Tuesday its partnership with Throwdown Industries to launch a boxing rig at Crunch Fitness in Scranton.

Officials say the rig is designed for the growing boxer, as it carries them through each stage of their boxing journey. Whether you’re a novice learning proper hand techniques or a more advanced boxer focusing on footwork and coordination with an active opponent.

Crunch Fitness in Scranton is one of the first locations to receive the boxing rig along with five additional cities across the country with plans to expand.

According to a press release, the setup will come equipped with a trained professional, a “GlideBoxx” that allows the bag to react to strikes and come back forcing the boxer to focus on footwork and angles in a realistic way, and extended “arms” with punching pads.

The new boxing rig is currently up and operational at Crunch Fitness in Scranton.