BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — What started off so promising for a massive attendance at this year’s Bloomsburg Fair is now dealing with a rainy setback.

After a record-high soft opening on Friday thanks to some great weather, Mother Nature threw a monkey wrench into that crowd-building momentum.

The wet weather brought out much fewer people and far more umbrellas, but fair organizers, fair vendors, and fairgoers I spoke with say rain is just part of the experience.

Puddles, ponchos, and lots of precipitation on day three of the Bloomsburg Fair.

It’s an opening weekend vendors rely on, but those who have been a part of the fair for decades know how these nine days just go.

“It’s kind of the running joke around here. It’s Fair Week. It’s going to rain. We make the best of it,” said Lance Seesholtz of Bowman’s French Fries.

Although the rainy weather stopped the rides from running and some food stands to shut down, there’s great appreciation for those who work right through it.

“They take the risk every year. They don’t know what the weather is going to be but doesn’t matter, rain sun, they are always here to provide,” Elysburg resident Tony Chiavaroli said.

Even though the weather wasn’t ideal, people who showed up still made their way to their favorite parts of the fair.

“I don’t care what the weather is. I still will come out, and this is the reason I am here today, is to have their sausage,” Chiavaroli added.

With most of the fair still ahead, fair organizers are looking for fair weather to help make up for a soggy, rain-soaked weekend.

“We just hope to make it up the rest of the week. so we hope people come out and enjoy themselves at the fair get something to eat. enjoy the exhibits the animals and all the good stuff to see,” said Jeff Turner of the Bloomsburg Fair Admissions.

Good for fair staff, good for fairgoers.

“I want to see more people here because the more people the better,” said Gabe Dude of Bloomsburg.

If the rain did dampen your plans in making it to the fair for the weekend, you can catch events on Monday like the All-Star Barnyard Revue and pig races, the Draft Horse Hitch Competition, and entertainment from Dan and Galla.