EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Officials announced two women were sentenced after they say they failed to provide taxes for a business that gained them $1.8 million in imported cigars.

According to US Attorney Gerard M. Karam, Hope Carbone, 72, and Donna Venturini, 70, both of East Stroudsburg previously admitted to conspiring with Jose Dominguez, the owner of the cigar manufacturer Victor Sinclair Cigars, to evade the excise taxes on the importation of Victor Sinclair manufactured cigars from 2009 to 2011.

As stated in the release, Carbone and Venturini were the US importer for Victor Sinclair Cigars, which is located in the Dominican Republic.

Investigators say through invoices, Dominguez, Carbone, and Venturini collected around $3.9 million in excise taxes from US purchasers of Victor Sinclair manufactured cigars.

The coconspirators paid only $2.1 million to the government, retaining around $1.8 million for themselves, according to officials.

Carbone and Venturini were sentenced to two years of probation for conspiring to evade federal excise taxes. As part of their sentence, the two women were ordered to pay restitution.

Dominguez pleaded guilty to conspiracy to evade federal excise taxes in June 2022. He is awaiting sentencing.