BERWICK, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Two communities are trying to put the pieces back together after a horrific tragedy over the weekend.

A man rammed his car through a crowd of people who were gathered to honor and support victims of a massive fire.

It happened in Berwick Saturday night. Police say 24-year-old Adrian Reyes from Nescopeck deliberately drove into the group, killing 50-year-old Rebecca Reese from Wilkes-barre and injuring 17 others.

Police say Reyes then drove home and attacked and killed his mother, Rosa Reyes with a hammer. Police also say he confessed to the crimes saying, “I didn’t ram ’em, I just ran them over.”

Members of the community say that this is something they will never forget.

“it was tough seeing my best friend, he was just laying there motionless on his back. I’ll never forget that,” explained Fabian Sheets, Victim’s best friend.

Reyes is locked up facing several charges including homicide.