HAZLETON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— The Office of the Attorney General took two people into custody they say were involved in redistributing controlled substances from sources in Mexico.

Officials said Jose Ariel Parra-Alonzo and Alfredo Hernandez-Encarnacion were arrested on August 30 during the course of a drug investigation.

According to the affidavit, state troopers saw Hernandez-Encarnacion and Parra-Alonzo exiting the front door of a home on the 20 block of West Hemlock Street, Hazleton City. Troopers converged on the location and stated their purpose for being there.

Investigators said they apprehended Parra-Alonzo following a brief foot chase and found him to be in possession of approximately 100 grams of fentanyl.

Law enforcement officials said they detained Hernandez-Encarnacion after a brief chase as well and located a cell phone that undercover officers had contacted in the past to conduct drug purchases.

After a search of the home on the 20 block of West Hemlock Street, officials said they located and seized two kilograms of fentanyl, electric grinders, about 150 fentanyl pills, and packaging materials used for preparing and packaging controlled substances from the room under Parra-Alonzo’s name.

The task force said they seized $2,000 cash, receipts for money transfers, and Henandez-Encarnacion’s passport after a search of a vehicle on the property.

In an interview with investigators, troopers said Parra-Alonzo told them he was a subordinate dealer for Hernandez-Encarnacion since June 2022.

Later in the interview, officials said Parra-Alonzo told them Hernandez-Encarnacion used Parra-Alonzo’s room on the 20 block of West Hemlock Street for storing and preparing the controlled substances.

Officials said they also interviewed Hernandez-Encarnacion who told them he had transferred $2,000 to an individual in Mexico for the controlled substances and was told to transfer sums of the drug proceeds to the supplier in Mexico through wire transfers.

Hernandez-Encarnacion is being charged with the manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to deliver as well as two other related charges. He is being held in Luzerne County Prison and has been denied bail because he is seen as a “flight risk.”

Parra-Alonzo faces the same charges. He is being held in Luzerne County Prison and was denied bail because he is a “flight risk” and illegal immigrant.