WHITE HAVEN, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Two are in custody after officers say a traffic stop leads to drug charges.

According to police, on October 2 officers initiated a traffic stop after they observed a vehicle with an expired registration.

When approaching the car officers say 37-year-old Melissa Diltz was the driver of the car and 30-year-old Silas Drewchin was in the passenger seat.

Police described Drewchin’s demeanor in the affidavit as “extremely nervous, avoiding eye contact, slightly trembling, his carotid artery was pulsating to the point of visibility, and shaky breaths.”

Officers say they asked Drewchin about his large bag to which he replied he was an architect, however, declined the officer’s request to search the bag.

The criminal complaint states officers later asked Diltz and Drewchin to exit the vehicle.

Police said Diltz declined their request to search the vehicle twice which led to officers impounding the car to further investigation.

The affidavit states a black bag containing information from Dlitz had:

  • 14.8 grams of suspected methamphetamine
  • 14.8 grams of suspected cocaine
  • One ziplock plastic baggie of suspected cocaine
  • One empty ziplock plastic baggie
  • One marijuana vape
  • One scooper spoon
  • Cash

The bag police say they observed on Drewchin contained:

  • One plastic baggie containing 2.6 grams of suspected cocaine
  • One medium baggie containing 2.0 grams of suspected cocaine
  • One small baggie containing 0.9 grams of suspected cocaine
  • Cash

The center console compartment contained:

  • Cash
  • One yellow container and one ziplock with a variety of pills
  • One expired prescription bottle of Oxycodone-Acetaminophen
  • Three different baggies containing marijuana

Dlitz and Drewchin have both been charged with manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, misbrand any controlled substance, and several other related charges.