EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — The impact of mass shootings extends well beyond those killed and wounded. Families and entire communities are left traumatized something Northeastern Pennsylvania knows all too well.

Four decades ago a mass shooting devastated two Luzerne county communities. Since then, we’ve seen advocacy groups providing support including a recently-designated non-profit called ‘victims first’.

He’s the man who carried out at the time Pennsylvania’s worst mass shooting. George banks went on a rampage in September 1982, killing 13 and injuring one other person.

Hiller says, 40 years now have passed. What have we learned?” Anita Busch says, “I hope that we have learned, um, how to take care of victims after these but we haven’t completely.”

Anita Busch is trying to change that through the non-profit she founded, an organization of rapid responders working behind the scenes called victims first.

For her, it’s personal. Busch’s cousin, Micayla Medek, was murdered in 2012 in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater mass shooting

“After that happened, there wasn’t a lot of victim care and there were things that could have been better,” stated Anita Busch, President and Co-founder of Victims First.

She and members of her organization recognized once the headlines subsided, the suffering and the need persisted for mass shooting survivors, their families, and their communities. Busch has seen that firsthand including at the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting that happened in 2017 in Las Vegas which a loved one was attending.

“And Stacey survived by running for her life,” Busch added.

Currently, Busch’s group is on scene at the recent Uvalde school shooting in texas. Each mass shooting emphasizes the need for communities to be prepared when a mass shooting tragedy strikes home. One key way is for those communities to start a centralized victims fund allowing 100 percent of donated funds to go directly as cash payments to victims.

“That way it eliminates fraud that we see crop up so many times after mass shootings. And it also allows the victims themselves privacy and dignity as they walk this path and learn how to cope and manage their trauma,” Busch said.

Victims First is currently helping raise funds for victims of the Uvalde, texas school shooting and the Highland Park, Illinois parade shooting.

Busch says she hopes her group will one day become obsolete but until then it’s here to help.