STORY UPDATE: A Monroe County man at the center of a case involving the castle doctrine was found not guilty on all charges Friday night.

The jury went into deliberation after closing arguments, and less than three hours after their deliberation began, the jury came to the conclusion that Halterman was not guilty on all charges posed against him.

Halterman was facing charges including homicide, aggravated assault, and attempted homicide.

Eyewitness News will have more information on Halterman’s acquittal as more information is made available.

Below is Eyewitness News reporter Sydney Kostus’ story on Friday’s closing arguments.


STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The trial of Randy Halterman, a man charged for shooting two intruders inside his home last year, killing one of them, is coming to a close in Monroe County.

Closing arguments kicked off the sixth day of the trial of Randy Halterman, a Stroud Township man accused of shooting 20-year-old Adam Schultz and Chasity Frailey back in January of 2021 at his trash-filled home. Schultz was pronounced dead at the scene.

Throughout the trial, several pieces of evidence were presented and multiple witnesses took the stand, testifying before a jury of 5 women and 7 men.

“All we saw was a gun and I got shot. And he pushed me and I ran down the stairs and I tripped and fell and Adam fell on top of me because he kept shooting,” shooting victim Chasity Frailey said.

Friday morning, the defense claimed that Halterman was defending himself in the shooting and that Frailey and Schultz broke into his home with the intention of stealing his guns and other items.

“I just had some intruders, burglars, and I shot one of them,” Halterman said in the 911 call the night of the shooting.

The defense claimed Frailey and Schultz had the intent to steal Halterman’s guns and other items. They presented text messages sent by Schultz before the shooting, asking a friend for a bag, gloves, and a crowbar. A tool they believe was used to pry open Halterman’s front door, despite Frailey’s testimony that the door was not locked.

The prosecutor then approached the jury stating “murder comes in different forms” and that ‘you can’t take the law into your own hands.’

He proceeded to claim that Halterman has a dangerous pattern, referencing previous incidents dating back to 2015 when Halterman brandished a weapon at trespassers.

These prior trespassing events that Halterman told police left him with trauma and that he “needed closure.”

Eyewitness news spoke to a longtime friend of Halterman on Wednesday.

“We’ve known Randy for so long and just know that had they not been there and had he not felt like he was in danger, that he never would’ve pulled his gun. He never would’ve used it,” stated Roxane Teada, a longtime friend of Halterman.