EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Investigators have charged a man with impersonating a public servant after two incidents where they say he was found impersonating a bounty hunter.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, on April 3, just after 8:30 p.m., a trooper responded to a report of a man in the 6000 block of Franklin Hill Road in Smithfield Township, Monroe County, wearing a Kevlar vest and taser.

PSP states the trooper made contact with the man, later identified as Troy Leitner, 58, of Scranton, standing in the roadway.

As stated in the affidavit, Leitner told police that he was at the home attempting to serve a warrant to a woman, claiming to be a private “bounty hunter” searching for wanted individuals.

Investigators stated the woman Leitner was trying to serve, did not have any active warrants.

Troopers on the scene say they searched Leitner’s vehicle where they found a .50 caliber, CO2-powered rubber ball gun, multiple flex handcuffs, and a written note.

According to the court documents, the note stated that Leitner’s wife was being followed, videotaped by Leitner, and Leitner was asking for the PFA placed on him to be lifted.

Investigators say the PFA prohibited him from harassing, following, and stalking the protected person. Leitner’s wife was later interviewed by PSP who stated that she is “scared for her life”.

According to the Scranton Police Department, a similar incident occurred to a woman in Electric City. The affidavit states that a female reported to police that a man came to her home, informing her she was on the Lackawanna County’s “Most Wanted list”.

Investigators say the woman claimed the man instructed her to get in his vehicle, and provided a business card that read “Fugitive Recovery Agent T. Leitner”.

Police from Monroe County are charging Leitner with prohibited possession. While the Scranton police are charging him with impersonating a public servant – fraud.