SWOYERSVILLE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Two men are being charged after police say a fight between them broke out involving a wrench and knife, causing one to get stabbed multiple times.

According to Swoyersville Police Department, on Sunday officers received a call from a woman stating a man approached her asking to use her phone because he was stabbed.

Officers arrived at Owens Street in Swoyersville and say they encountered Donald Clymer, 41, dripping with blood and holding a wrench.

Clymer informed officers that he confronted Mark Roccograndi, 31, about stolen items and a fight started between the two causing Roccograndi to stab Clymer, as stated in court papers.

Investigators say they were told that a woman called Swoyersville police to report her boyfriend was in a fight with another man but did not want to go to the station because she needed to get to an appointment.

Officers stated they went to the location where the woman said she would be but were unable to locate her or the car.

As stated in the affidavit, police sent out a search for the suspect’s vehicle and were able to locate them in Kingston with Roccograndi driving the car and his girlfriend in the passenger seat.

Roccograndi was taken into custody and told police he did not steal any items from Clymer and claimed Clymer was stealing money from him.

The landlord of Roccograndi’s house arrived at the Sywoersville police station to provide surveillance video of the fight between Roccograndi and Clymer, police say.

According to the video obtained by investigators, Clymer is seen approaching the home, releasing air out of Roccograndi’s car, and waited by the side of the house until Roccogranid exited the home.

Clymer is seen trying to place Roccograndi in a headlock while holding a wrench, Roccograni escapes and run towards the backyard, investigators state.

The video shows Clymer lunge toward Roccogradni as if he was going to hit him with the wrench, that is when Roccograndi is seen reaching for a pocket knife and stabbing Clymer in the arm, the affidavit states.

Police say in the video Clymer is seen falling to the ground near the driveway when Roccograndi’s girlfriend jumps on his back allowing Roccogranid to stab Clymer two more times in the leg and ankle.

Clymer and Roccogranid have both been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and harassment.