SUNBURY, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Police are reporting that a woman lost around $96,000 over a 30-day period after she fell victim to a “grandkid scam.”

According to detectives in Northumberland County, an 81-year-old woman received the first scam call in February from a woman pretending to be her granddaughter. The scammer told the victim she needed money to get out of jail.

Police say the victim sent over several payments including mailing cash, and wiring payments to various locations in the United States. The scammer would continue to call the victim for 30 days pretending to be her granddaughter and said she was in trouble.

Detectives also note there was a time when an Uber driver picked up the victim from her house and drove her to a bank to withdraw money that was then given to the driver.

Investigators stated the victim sent payments that totaled a loss of $96,000.

According to County Detective Degg Stark, much of the information used by scammers is gained from social media. He states it’s easy for scammers to acquire the names of relatives, dates of birth, pet names, places of employment, travel plans, nicknames, and other personal information through social media.

It’s important to report scams to your local police department and make online reports to the Federal Trade Commission to learn more about different types of scams.