SUNBURY, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— District Attorney Anthony M. Matulewicz III is investigating a Sunbury woman who allegedly lost 5,000 on an online loan scam.

According to District Attorney Matulewicz, on April 11 a Sunbury woman contacted him stating she was a victim of an online scam. Attorney Matulewicz said the woman was looking for an online loan for about 5,000 and she found an online loan company that seemed legit.

The online loan scam company sent her almost 10,000 and told them she has to send back half by going to Target and giving the scammer the numbers on the gift card. However, the original funds turned out to be worthless leaving the victim responsible to pay the bank all fraudulent funds, said Attorney Matulewicz.

County Detective Degg Stark notes the signs of possible online scams to the Northumberland County residents such as unsolicited contacts, guarantees of no credit check, guaranteed approvals, requests to act quickly, or requests that you can pay fees using gift cards, prepaid debit cards or cash.

Attorney Matulewicz states that many loans scams involve a scammer putting an amount of money in your bank account of more than requested and then asking you to return the funds through gift cards, debit cards, or similar payments to later find out the funds deposited was worthless but gift cards purchases were valid.