OLD FORGE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — District Attorney Mark Powell announced a search is being conducted in Old Forge regarding the investigation into Robert Baron’s disappearance.

According to DA Powell, on Tuesday, law enforcement was searching the area of Connell’s Patch section of Old Forge related to the active investigation into the suspicious disappearance of Robert Baron Sr., who went missing six years ago.

Eyewitness News crews on the scene say law enforcement officers continue to come and go where the search was moved to the abandoned mine area near Pagnotti Park.

In January 2017, the Baron family became concerned when Robert Baron Sr. had not shown up
to work at the family business, Ghigiarelli’s Pizza, in Old Forge. They reported him missing and when officers arrived at the restaurant, it immediately became clear that a violent altercation had occurred inside, police stated. Although Baron’s body has not been located, detectives believe he is a victim of a homicide.

DA Powell said there are people who have information regarding the circumstances of Baron’s disappearance or death who have not yet spoken with law enforcement. Powell reinforces that no matter the circumstance, it is not too late to come forward.

Investigators ask those to think back to January 2017 and consider the following:

  • Did you notice anyone who had unexplained injuries or a person’s sudden departure
    from the area?
  • Did you interact with anyone who seemed intensely interested in the case or maybe
    someone who made significant efforts to avoid talking about it?
  • Did you observe anyone who seemed to have an abrupt change in mood, lifestyle or
    appearance around this time?
  • Are you aware of someone who suddenly came into an unexplained source of money?
  • If there is anything else that sticks out in your memory during that time period, please
    contact us.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the hotline at 570-963-6311 and a designated email address at lackawannada@lackawannacounty.org for you to share any information, which can be done anonymously.