LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The owner of a dog who police say attacked at least 7 people in Luzerne County is talking for the first time since being charged.

The i-team confronted the owner when he appeared in court Tuesday to face charges filed in connection with those dog attacks.

Ken Hicks says he never wanted these attacks to happen, he also defended his dog, and once again we must advise you that some of these images may be disturbing to some viewers.

“First and foremost my thoughts and prayers and everything, go out to all those who have been injured by my dog,” Hicks stated.

Hicks insists he never thought his dog would attack anyone, but police say and now Hicks admits the dog did just that as the I-Team spoke with two of the seven victims they showed us their injuries.

All of them underwent rabies shots and the dog, a mixed-breed mastiff, lives with Hicks on the third floor of an apartment building in Nanticoke.

This is doorbell video of the dog taken early Monday morning on the front porch of one of the victims and the dog was supposed to be quarantined at the time.

Hicks pleaded guilty in district court as the judge ordered him to immediately turn the dog over to the state dog warden to be euthanized. Hicks agreed to that order but defended his dog.

“Would you agree people look at this they’re really afraid,” asked Mehalshick.

“Seven attacks, I don’t think it was seven attacks maybe like three or four,” Hicks responded.

“But even three or four people look at that and say that’s a lot,” Mehalshick followed up.

Yes, the city has to take it into their hands, I’m following what the city regulations are,” Hicks added.

The investigation is still ongoing into the attack on a 10-year-old boy in Hanover Township, these are pictures of his injuries.

The I-Team asked if there was anything else Hicks wanted to say to the mauled, attacked, or bitten?

“I wouldn’t say mauled,” Hicks said.

“The ten-year-old boy, some say he was mauled and that was done at your brother’s house correct,” Mehalshick said.

“Correct, I don’t know what to say, I wasn’t there,” Hicks responded.

The I-Team spoke with the attorney representing the family of the ten-year-old as they are preparing to file a civil rights lawsuit in connection with that attack. They issued a statement that reads in part:

“Our investigation has suggested there are several parties potentially responsible for our client’s attack in addition to the dog owner.”

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Just a short time ago, Nanticoke police confirmed that Hicks did indeed turn over the dog to the state dog warden to be euthanized.

He faces fines of $6,300 in connection with six of the dog attacks. The seventh attack in Hanover Township is still under investigation.