MIDDLEBURG, SNYDER COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Snyder County District Attorney Mike Piecuch announced Tuesday, charges have been filed against a minor who allegedly made recent threats against the Selinsgrove Area School District.

According to a press release, Pennsylvania State Troopers found the alleged juvenile offender reportedly threatened the Selinsgrove Area School District in a series of comments posted to social media stating they would bring guns to the school.

Police say the suspect was pretending to be another student to get them in trouble and cause “emotional distress.”

PSP used search warrants and digital forensics to identify the source of the threats. Investigators say the minor did not have any guns, and the threats posted online were deemed “not credible.”

“We take any threats against our schools very seriously. If you hear something or see something, you need to say something. Let the police decide whether a threat is credible or not. And whether the threat is credible or not, the offender will be held accountable,” said D.A. Piecuch.

The juvenile is facing charges of terroristic threats, stalking, cyber harassment of a child, and disorderly conduct. Officials say the terroristic threats charge is a felony due to the disruption caused to the school.

Due to Pennsylvania’s “Juvenile Act,” defendants who are minors are brought before a judge for a delinquency hearing to decide whether the allegations are true and whether a court-ordered supervisor or treatment is necessary.

Officials note no additional information about the suspect will be released as part of the “Juvenile Act.’