MILFORD, PIKE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— A Pike County judge sentenced a man to serve up to 62 years in state prison for killing his father with a semi-automatic 5.56 NATO round rifle.

State troopers from Blooming Grove and Stroudsburg barracks said they responded to the 100 block of Spruce Run Drive in Porter Township for a report of an individual being shot on April 1, 2020.

Troopers said they arrived on the scene and talked to Nicole Gencarelli who told them her fiancé’s son, Ryan Paige, drove to the front of her house and began firing a rifle into the home.

Investigators said one of the bullets Paige fired struck his father in the back, killing him.

Law enforcement officials said they responded to Paige’s residence two minutes down the road.

According to troopers, Paige exited his house wearing a bulletproof vest that held multiple magazines of ammo and a large knife upon law enforcement’s arrival. Troopers were able to take Paige into custody without incident.

Investigators said Paige admitted to his involvement in the shooting at his father’s house and a search of Paige’s home uncovered a Tavor 5.56 NATO round rifle equipped with a laser, night scope, and flashlight.

The District Attorney’s office says the shooting happened because of a verbal altercation at a bus stop between Nicole Gencarelli and Paige’s girlfriend while picking up lunches the day prior.

District attorney Ray Tonkin said this about the incident.

Here an easily resolvable family dispute led to the death of a father and a long term of incarceration for his son, a truly no winner situation.”

Ray Tonkin, District Attorney of Pike County

Paige was sentenced to at least 28 years and seven months and at most 62 years in state prison for murder to the third degree, criminal attempt murder, and two counts of recklessly endangering another person.