HONESDALE, WAYNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — State police are investigating an incident where money was remotely withdrawn from a woman’s bank account without her consent.

According to a police criminal complaint, on November 14, 2022, two separate transactions were completed using the victim’s bank account from the Honesdale National Bank, without her knowledge or consent.

Officers say one transaction equaled $400 and the second was $450, totaling $850, and the victim claims the transactions were initiated by 21-year-old, Brian Jetter, of Northampton County.

As the complaint reads, those transactions were made through her account, and the money was transferred using the ‘TheWayiPay’ app, to a Bancorp Bank account belonging to Jetter, who the victim currently has a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order against, law enforcement confirmed.

Police say a third transaction was attempted on November 15, 2022, for $850, allegedly by Jetter, however, the victim was promptly notified by the Honesdale National Bank due to how large the transaction was and it was terminated.

According to law enforcement, Honesdale National Bank was in touch with Bankcorp Bank and they were able to refund the victim $393 of the $850, and restitution was adjusted to $457.

Bankcorp Bank confirmed Jetter was a cardholder, but he canceled his account one day after the third transaction was terminated.

Police say a formal fingerprint order has been issued for Jetter. He is currently facing three counts of identity theft and three counts of theft by unlawful taking-movable property.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8 at 9:00 a.m.