PITTSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Police say GPS technology led to two people being charged for their alleged involvement in abandoning a dog who was found malnourished in Pittston back in 2021.

Investigators have officially arrested Shaniqwa Scott, 24, and Terik Wiggins, 30, both of Hanover Township, Wednesday for their alleged involvement in the abuse of a young pit bull, better known as “Nova”, in the greater Pittston area.

“It’s not only just a win for her, this is a true win for all animals who have been abused and left by the wayside,” stated Neil Murphy, adopted nova, former Pittston Police Chief.

Pittston City police released images of what they believed was the vehicle that abandoned a malnourished dog back in June 2021.

The vehicle was seen traveling east on Butler Street toward Fulton Street around 4:30 a.m., police stated.

According to the Pittston City Police Department, after reviewing several surveillance videos and speaking with residents in the area of Butler Street, officers were led to two possible suspects, Scott, and Wiggins.

Investigators say they spoke with the maintenance manager of the Hanover Village Apartments, where they believed the suspects lived, and were told that a young brown pit bull puppy lived at an apartment rented by Scott and her boyfriend Wiggins and was not well taken care of.

As stated in the affidavit, investigators then used Google GPS technology and “Geo-Fenced” the area to pinpoint phones used near Butler Street on the date and time the dog was abandoned.

“That also gave us the ability to use a lot of the technological advancements in law enforcement and crime solving,” explained Kyle Shumosic, chief of Pittston Police Department.

After about 130 other devices were ruled out, police say Wiggins and Scott were two of the three people in the area of Butler Street when the dog was left inside a pop-up kennel.

In September 2021 the young pit bull Nova was officially adopted by the Pittston Police Department and Chief Neil Murphy as a therapy dog.

“No crime is too small in the city, and we’ve gotten in a place, not to wax philosophical, you know this notion that certain things are acceptable, in the city of Pittston they are not acceptable,” said Michael Lombardi, mayor of the City of Pittston.

Neil Murphy, Nova’s dad and the former police chief of the City of Pittston tells Eyewitness News since adopting Nova in September 2021 and she’s been thriving.

“Her life has just been nothing but luxury and belly rubs and pets and treats and living the good life. It’s a good day to see that justice is going to be done,” expressed Murphy.

Wiggins and Scott have been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, and neglect of animals.