EDWARDSVILLE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Police are investigating a shooting in an Edwardsville apartment complex that caused schools nearby to go on “restrictive movement.”

The search is on for a gunman who opened fire in broad daylight at a Luzerne County apartment complex. One man was shot and the violence unfolded as many neighbors were sitting on their front porches just feet away.

State and local police converged on the scene just after 11:00 a.m. Wednesday.

Neighbors who saw the drama unfold saw a man bleeding on the sidewalk, ran to his aid, and helped him until ambulances arrived.

The victim is in the hospital and the search is ongoing for a suspect.

“The victim ran over to our apartment screaming call 911 I’ve been shot, I think I’m going to die,” said Monica Sheridan, an eyewitness to the shooting.

Sheridan lives only feet away from where the shooting took place at the Hilltop Apartments in Edwardsville.

“The shooter was knocking on the door of the victim. The victim came out, they exchanged a couple of words, the shooter then pulled out a gun and shot the victim three times. After he ran off to his car and left,” explained Sheridan.

Several neighbors ran to the aid of the shooting victim.

“I and a couple of other neighbors heard the lady screaming. We went down we tried putting pressure on the wound. He was in and out, trying to keep him awake,” said a neighbor.

Nearby schools were placed on lockdown as a precaution.

Superintendent of Wyoming Valley West School District David Tosh stated schools were on a restrictive movement, meaning everyone was allowed to move throughout the school but no one was allowed in or out of the building.

We’re also looking for a suspect in this. We are gathering information as we speak and it’s very early in the investigation. We are taking our time, we’ll interview people and go from there,” stated Sergeant Mike Lehman of the Edwardsville police.

Neighbors say it is something they will never forget.

“I’m very upset. I have my mother visiting from New Jersey, she was 81 she was sitting close to the outside. I literally took her by the coat and dragged her into the house. My daughter and I went in and prayed,” expressed Sheridan.

The name of the victim has not yet been released. He is undergoing treatment at Geisinger Wyoming Valley.

The search for the suspect is ongoing Sergeant Lehman tells Eyewitness News they have a possible name of that suspect.