WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Luzerne County officials say they are reviewing an incident last week when a man confronted Children and Youth Services (CYS) caseworkers and police officers with a gun.

There were no injuries. But county officials say it highlighted the potential dangers CYS caseworkers can face.

County officials say they are doing everything they can to learn from what happened and how best to prepare CYS caseworkers in the future.

Eyewitness News spoke to a member of county council Monday who insists safety is and always will be the number one priority for the staff at Children and Youth Services.

Nanticoke police says Cory Gonzalez Crudup pointed a handgun and police officers and two Luzerne County Children and Youth caseworkers last Thursday.

It happened when police were called to assist CYS caseworkers on a call at Crudup’s Hill Street home. Crudup fled the scene and was found about six hours later.

Luzerne County Officials say CYS caseworkers handled the incident correctly and plan to hold debriefing sessions with CYS staffers. To learn from the incident. A big issue the county has been also dealing with is understaffing at CYS. It’s no secret that hiring and retaining staff at CYS has been a challenge in recent years. Luzerne County Councilmember Tim McGinley says increasing salaries is a top priority.

“We just passed a new collective bargaining agreement that affects children and youth services staff. We put a $6,400 hundred raise in the starting salary. Because we’re having many difficulties in trying to hire staff and retain staff,” said Tim McGinley, Luzerne County Councilman.

McGinley is also urging the public to apply for open seats on citizen advisory boards for various county agencies, including CYS. The volunteer boards can offer insight to agency staff and management.

“The way their bylaws are written they have I believe 9 to 24. I think they have 11 members so there within the range. But they look for admitting members because that helps spread out the work load and brings in new ideas,” McGinley added.

Mcginley says one major goal is to regain the public trust in CYS.

“Obviously the county council and the county in general is very concerned about Children and Youth Services. We know we’ve had some difficulties. We know we’ve had leadership problems but hopefully have been working to commit to these problems, increase the staff so more case load is better for staff. Much more manageable,” McGinley explained.

We know that the county has offered mental health counseling to anyone at CYS in the aftermath of the incident last week.