EXETER, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — 28/22 News has late-breaking information Monday evening into a criminal investigation of a teacher who works in the Wyoming Area School District.

The probe focuses on a female teacher in the Wyoming Area School District. The I-Team obtained a copy of the police search warrant affidavit which basically details some of the information or evidence if you will, that detectives are looking for.

Details are limited but the 28/22 News I-Team has confirmed about two weeks ago an investigation began into crimes involving a teacher who works in the Wyoming Area School District.

“What I can tell you Andy is we were contacted by the Wyoming Area School District Administration and we immediately began an investigation,” said Chief Mike Turner of the Wyoming Area Regional Police Department.

According to the police search warrant affidavit, three students claimed the teacher had purchased and offered them marijuana gummy bears, and alcohol, and also allegedly bought the students’ nicotine vapes.

“Are you able to delineate what the investigation is focusing on at this point,” asked 28/22 News Lead I-Team Investigator, Andy Mehalshick.

“Unfortunately, Andy at this time I cannot comment on details of the investigation but I can confirm that an active criminal investigation is being conducted by my department, The Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office in cooperation with the Wyoming Area Police Department and the Wyoming Area School District,” Chief Turner responded.

According to court documents, a social worker for the district contacted the police saying that three students had claimed that their teacher purchased and offered the students items including marijuana gummy bears, alcohol, and nicotine vape pens.

The search warrant also describes the teacher urging at least one student to delete text conversations between her and the student. Detectives are seeing information from the teacher’s cell phone.

Later on Monday, only after the I-Team reached out to school district officials for comment, a “Robo-Call” was sent to parents and staff about the investigation and our news report.

“We have addressed the matter internally and provide more information as it becomes available,” stated the Robo-Call from the Wyoming Area School District.

The Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jon Pollard issued a statement to the I-team:

“I’m confirming that we are aware of an investigation. We are cooperating fully with the agencies. We have addressed the matter internally to ensure the safety of our students and employees.”

Dr. John Pollard, Superintendent Wyoming Area School District

The I-Team is not identifying the teacher at this point since she has not yet been charged with a crime.

Sources close to the investigation told the I-Team the teacher was escorted off school district property as this investigation got underway about two weeks ago. The I-team will stay on this story with more in the days ahead.