SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — State police say former Lackawanna County Assistant District Attorney Corey Kolcharno was arrested Friday on charges of exchanging sexual favors for legal services.

Pennsylvania State Police, with the cooperation of the PA Attorney General’s Office, conducted an investigation dating back to 2013.

As stated in the affidavit, Kolcharno is accused of sexually violating four women at various locations in Lackawanna and Luzerne County while he was representing them, their significant others, or family members.

Police say the investigation determined all four women were subjected to sexual exploitation when Kolcharno would demand sexual services from them in exchange for payment.

According to court documents, many of Kolcharno’s female clients struggled with addiction and a history of sexual abuse. Investigators say they believe Kolcharno used the women’s vulnerability to his advantage for sexual gratification.

The investigation determined in most cases, Kolcharno would first speak with the women on their legal matter, next he compliment them on their looks and if the victims did not refuse his advance, he would request nude photos or worn undergarments instead of payment for legal services, as stated in the affidavit.

Investigators state Kolcharno would take the next step in requesting sex acts from the woman in exchange for legal services or payment.

Police say a search warrant of Kolcharno’s cellphone showed a “carefully curated collection” of nude photos of his female clients.

According to PSP, the victims involved did not have much awareness of each other and all complaints filed by them were “strickingly” similar when detailing Kolcharno’s conduct with them.

Kolcharno began law practice in 2001 and worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Lackawanna County from 2005-2011.

He faces four counts of promoting and encouraging prostitution.