SHAMOKIN, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Two homes are destroyed and three others are damaged by flames in Northumberland County. Several people are displaced and local agencies are helping them get assistance.

The fire broke out around 10:30 this morning in the 500 block of North 1st Street. Now investigators are working to uncover what lead to the blaze involving multiple homes.

“I was reading the paper and I went out into the kitchen to get a drink and I saw smoke you know at my kitchen sink window and I thought what in the world is that from,” questioned Sandra Thomas, neighbor.

Sandra Thomas, who lives nearby the home that caught fire on North 1st Street couldn’t believe the size of the flames and immediately tried to get help.

I pounded on the neighbor’s door, RJ because I knew he was sleeping. So I pounded on the door to get him out and up because it was kissing off of his house too.

She says then another neighbor called for help and ran to help the pets that were trapped inside.

“There was 2 dogs in there and he came down with a crowbar and busted the door in and let the 2 dogs out,” said Thomas.

A total of five units were involved. The house where it started is blackened and destroyed by the heavy flames.

“It took us probably a little over an hour to really get things under control to all four structures. The fifth one had light damage to the exterior of the building,” said Ken Pilkus, Assistant Fire Chief, Shamokin Fire Bureau.

Three firefighters suffered minor injuries and all of the occupants made it our unharmed.

“Everybody made it out safely. We have Red Cross assisting township of the residents and we had a lot mutual aid companies come in due to lack of manpower on a Friday,” said Assistant Chief Pilkus.

Neighbors say this was a scary event on what they consider a holy day but are relieved everyone is okay. Fire investigators are working to find the cause.