MAHANOY CITY, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A fire broke out in Mahanoy City early Friday morning.

The assistant chief of Humane #1 Mahanoy City Fire Department tells 28/22 News that they received a call at 6:40 a.m. of a fire on the 400 block of West Market Street in Mahanoy City.

The fire started in one building and spread to two nearby. Mahanoy Fire Department says all buildings were unoccupied and there were no injuries.

Mahanoy Fire Department said it took about 45 minutes to contain the fire and another hour to knock down hot spots.

Two of the buildings affected by the fire had their roofs collapse into the second floor of the building and onto the road.

“We look outside, there’s flames everywhere and when the fire department got here they started spraying water on it, obviously, and then the wires just started popping because the electrical, all the power was still on. We thought the wire was going to like swing down and come over so we were all just pretty much worried and trying to get the kids to safety,” said Jonathon Zeiders from Mahanoy City.

The 400 block of West Market Street near the building is now closed due to the chance the building could fully collapse. Mahanoy Fire Department is now planning to demolish the buildings.

The state fire marshal is now handling the investigation into the cause of the fire.