DURYEA, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The Department of Forestry is investigating the cause of a large brush fire that crews battled after the blaze broke out in Luzerne County early Wednesday morning.

The area where flames sparked is located off Coxton Road along Campbell’s Ledge around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning where a fire could be seen scorching trees and brush, sending smoke pouring into the sky.

Chris Layaou a Fire Forester with the PA Borough of Forestry says that there were about 7-12 crews and departments working to put out the fire as crews say the firefight was tricky for them.

“There were about 12 acres that had burned so with it being dark and limited access, it took us a little while to get up in there but the local volunteer departments, they’re the ones that really put a hard hit on it,” said Layaou.

Much of the wildlife that calls the wooded area home ran when the fire broke out. However, forest officials say the wildlife is expected to be just fine.

“Temporarily they left the area but the wildlife are gonna be back in there probably already are back in there looking for food and just see what had happened. They’re curious just like we are,” Layaou added.

Firefighters were called on Monday as well to tackle flames in the woods off Coxton Road.

According to the Duryea Police Department, an officer saw a man running with no shirt near Coxton Road from the direction of the fire towards Main Street near John’s Service Station.

The officer said she stopped him for suspicion that he was in the area of the fire. He was placed in custody and questioned at the Duryea Police Station.

A man who was seen running from the scene of the fire was taken into custody. Police say he was released after being questioned, as police are still investigating.

Detectives conducted their interview with the man and released him pending an outcome of the ongoing investigation.

As for how the fire started, it’s still unclear but authorities are continuing their investigation.

This is a developing story and Eyewitness News will have more information on it as it becomes available.