WRIGHT TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — School districts across the nation, and our region, are in the process of developing reopening plans for the upcoming school year amid COVID-19 concerns. Officials in the Crestwood School district have now unveiled their reopening plans.

The Crestwood School District will resume classes on September 2. Parents can choose: fully in-person classes or continue taking classes online.

“So our announcement was made in order to give our families the most time possible to make a decision,” said Robert Mehalick, Crestwood School District Superintendent. “If they’re comfortable sending their children back or if they maybe exercise the option of attending our cyber program we offer here at Crestwood.”

Mehalick says they made their decision based on current COVID-19 data from Luzerne County.

“We feel if we can meet, as closely as possible, CDC and health department guidelines on social distance, the risk is low,” said Mehalick. 

Mehalick also says coronavirus safety measures will be in place.

“Masks are going to have to be worn, face shields. Sanitizing heavier and deeper than we ever have before throughout the school year. We are going to look at open space use outdoors much more than we ever have,” said Mehalick.

Luzerne County students volunteered to clean up Wright Township Municipal Park. Eyewitness News asked them about how they felt going back to their respective schools in the COVID-19 era.

“I think that we should go back, because even if we do cyber school… That kind of takes all the fun out of school. All you’re doing is work. I think it’s harder to learn in cyber schools than when you are actually learning in person,” said Crestwood High School student Jack Sanlan.

“We all want to go back to school for the first week, it was fine, we all want to go back,” said Lauren Lokuca, a student at Holy Redeemer High School.

Karen Hayden’s children attend Holy Redeemer and St. Jude’s School. She also thinks students have to go back to class.

“The consensus that I hear in the community, people do want their children back. My personal feelings is I do too, as long as we can be reassured of their safety,” said Hayden.

For more information on Crestwood School district’s reopening plan, Click Here.