WRIGHT TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — At Thursday night’s monthly meeting of the Crestwood School Board, a new acting superintendent was appointed, effective immediately.

According to Times Leader, Natasha Milazzo, former business manager, was named acting superintendent, with a salary set at $125K, around $30K more than the business manager position.

She is proceded by Vito Quaglia, who was appointed in March but resigned due to another job, however, the board accepted his resignation.

Board President, Barry Boone, said the board will not search for a new superintendent, and that a special meeting will be held Monday to give the job to Natasha Milazzo. Boone said it was imperative to appoint an acting superintendent until then for two specific reasons.

  1. The state requires all districts to have superintendents.
  2. Also, Board policy requires all board members to be notified about proposed hiring at least five days before a vote.

Boone also said the board will conduct a search for a new business manager. In the meantime, Black will be helped by Thomas Benz, a retired, Crestwood Graduate with a background in Finance and Governmental Consulting Strategies, a firm set up by former Hazleton Area School District Business Manager Anthony Ryba and used by the district previously. The board voted to pay Benz $1 a year for 20 hours a week beginning October 1, and voted to retain Governmental Consulting from September 1, until February 28, 2023.

Boone said that even with Mehalick and the business consultants, the combination of moves is expected to save the district $150,000 in the coming months, because Quaglia’s pay and benefits were considerably higher than Milazzo’s new salary, and there will be no full-time business manager for a while.