EAST SIDE BOROUGH, CARBON COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Eyewitness News has been investigating a 1976 cold case that was recently brought to light as police identify the victim. The notorious cold case centered around an unidentified victim known as “Beth Doe”

“If I would have known her name was Beth Doe, I would’ve had a better chance at finding her. I would’ve had a better chance,” said Luis Colon the brother of the victim.

In December of 1976, a police officer came knocking on Dolly Moughan’s door asking her if she had any knowledge of two bodies found right by her home in the East Side borough under the I-80 bridge.

“I had no idea just how badly it was, until I read it in the newspaper,” stated Moughan.

Investigators like Shawn Williams and Thomas McAndrew worked around the clock to find who find out her true identity.

“It was heartbreaking to know that a woman, who was pregnant, is cut up and tossed aside, like garbage, stated Williams.

“Every detective, especially for someone who has done it for as long as we have, has that one or two cases they really want to see solved. This was that one or two cases for me,” stated McAndrew.

They exhumed her body, collected DNA samples, and searched worldwide. In late march of 2021, police were informed of a positive DNA match from a man by the name Luis Colon Jr.

“That’s why I thought, if I just do this DNA thing, to go back to my other point, maybe she was always trying to reach us too and she just couldn’t find us,” said Colon Jr.

That’s how police discovered “Beth Doe” was a 15-year-old girl named Evelyn Colon from New Jersey.

Luis Colon, confronted, Luis Sierra, Evelyn’s boyfriend at the time and the man charged with killing her. Colon recalls the last time he saw them both as Sierra started a fight with Evelyn’s family.

“He said, ‘I’ll slap her and I’ll slap you like that,” pointing… My brother said no you don’t talk to my parents like that. He said, ‘No I’ll slap you too.’ My father said, ‘no, no, no, don’t go with him…’ But she was in love with the guy,” stated Colon.

They went to check on her a few days later only to be greeted by a neighbor.

“She goes, no who are you looking for, the people upstairs? Yeah Evelyn. They moved out,” said Colon.

They received a letter, a few weeks later saying Evelyn had a 9 pound baby boy named Luis Sierra Jr. and would reach back out if she needed anything.

The family gave the letter to police, but they said they couldn’t report her missing because according to the letter, she was doing fine. Now 44 years later they have some answers and Sierra is heading to trial for the gruesome killing.

“When I saw him come in there, I’m just angry and hurt at the same time for what he did to my sister,” said Ledia Colon the victims sister.

“I miss her. I miss her very much,” said Colon.

Now they seek justice as they take a moment to grieve the loss.