Coyote mating season may be dangerous for pets outdoors


DALLAS, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) This time of year is known as coyote breeding season.

I spoke with officials at the Pennsylvania Game Commission who had words of advice for pet owners.

Coyotes are in heat in February, posing potential dangers for your pets.

“There are predators out there so pet owners should be aware of that and keep an eye on their pets when they are outside. If it is in a fenced in yard you may want to give a quick glance around the yard first and keeping it on a leash is a good idea too.” Said William Williams, Information and Education Supervisor, Game Commission Northeast Region.

Though attacks can happen, it’s not something that occurs often, especially in residential areas.

“It would be very rare for a coyote to attack, for example, a dog that would be in the backyard of the home. Same with a bobcat. They tend to stay further and deeper into the woods. They actually avoid these confrontations.”

Farmers are the ones who have to take the most caution as coyotes will prey on livestock.

“We’ve had predation by coyotes on calves and lambs in the spring time. It is an issue that farmers have to deal with.” Williams added.

These animals are nocturnal. If you have your pets outside at night, that is the time to be even more cautious.

“Night time is the time when you should be extra aware of predators and their potential impact on pets.”

Coyotes are are found in every county in Pennsylvania.

“They’re around, but very rarely do you see any issues with them interacting with humans or pets.”

Though attacks to pets can happen, a coyote’s diet is primarily wild game such as small animals and even deer.

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