EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — In a year of isolation comes the need for a companion. But how are you supposed to meet someone new during a global pandemic?

Whether it’s a romantic dinner out, an intimate nature walk or a zoom date, finding the one is on the minds of millions — even through a pandemic.

For most it takes months, even years, to find that special connection. But that wasn’t the case for one couple who met online in October and is already married.

“When we had our date, five minutes into the conversation he said, ‘you’re going to be my future wife,” said Debi Antosh.

And that’s exactly what happened, six weeks later. Debi and James Antosh met through the local match-making service called Love Brokers.

They matched on October 26, went on their first date the next day, and six days later via email, a proposal ended up in Debi’s inbox.

Simply put: “I love you. Will you marry me? With all my love, Jim.”

The woman behind the match is Suzanne Dante, the owner of Love Brokers. The personalized online dating service aims to bring singles together, as dating in the digital age is different, especially during COVID.

“They’re looking more at… Is this person truly compatible? Or, am I just looking at their picture? So, I think they look more at the relationship goals, their values and then they take it slower, and give that person a better chance,” Dante said.

CDC guidelines advise to avoid prolonged close contact with others who live outside your home. So, dating experts suggest virtual dates first, then determining your comfort level and getting a COVID test if things seem to get serious and you want to meet in person.

“He slid into the Facebook dm’s.”

James Jacobs and Diana Dewsbury also met online, through the Peloton singles Facebook group.

“We’ve been talking since about November. It’s been really difficult with everything going on, especially with the long distance. But we try to FaceTime every day, stay in communication, have visits to look forward to whenever we can,” the couple said.

“Dating is not easy to begin with, and then you add this into the mix. It just makes people re-look at their values,” Dante said.

Whether you try your luck on dating apps, online services or the old-fashioned way, if you haven’t found the one don’t give up. As these newlyweds and new couples show us, not even a pandemic can keep you from finding your forever.

“I shot my shot, and the rest is history,” Jacobs said.

“We don’t have to go through the rest of our lives alone. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world,” said Debi.