FRACKVILLE, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) Many people are wondering if they have already had COVID-19 without knowing it. One Schuylkill County health clinic began rolling out antibody testing to help people find the answer.

Cornerstone Coordinated Health Care in Frackville and Ashland are now offering antibody testing.

This needle may be the answer to one of the biggest questions. Surrounding COVID-19… Did I have the coronavirus?

Dr. Greenfield from Cornerstone Coordinated Health Care told Eyewitness News, “It’s going to tell us how many people truly have it. And what our government needs to do, and what the healthcare needs to do to better protect us.”

The test is a quick process. A medical professional will draw about a tube of blood and you’ll get the results in about a day or two.

They’ve started with emergency responders but are also taking appointments for other people interested. Just in the first day, Cornerstone saw over seventy people come for testing.

Dr. Greenfield says “If you have symptoms we might do nasal swab too, but and that depends on each person. But most cases it’s just the blood.”

The results are not only providing a peace of mind to those worried about having the virus. It may also bring us a step closer to reopening the economy.

“We really want to see this economy get going. And we have a community here in Schuylkill County that needs to get back to work. So we are trying to step up and find out who can work and who can’t because they’ve been effected,” says Dr. Greenfield.

Helping us get the answers we need to one day return to a normal life.

Cornerstone Coordinated Health Care is sending the antibody tests to Quest which is a designated center for the results.

To learn more about the testing, or to make an appointment call 570-392-3338